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comosevende [imterim manager, Marketing Director, Influencer Manager & Export Area Manager Italy], Barcelona

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Knowmad with more than twenty years of experience in Training and Consultancy specialized in give effective and creative solution to my customers and Partners in Marketing and Sales. Expert in implement markting with influencer. I've trained and mentored more than 6000 salesmen, sales managers and entrepreneurs to gain customer, sales and consolidate their business. My consultancy is based on canvas methodology (BMG) during indoor or outdoor think tank session. Founder and blogger of the blog http://comosevende.net, with more than 500 readers/week. As Director of the Sales and Marketing Department I have leaded the processes to improve of Marketing and Communication strategies, having developed and executing strategic plans of opening of new portfolio of clients and developing tthe Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies. I’m a professional with high resiliency, empathy, great communication and pedagogical skills, and leadership in Teambuilding process and Team work. From 1995 I’ve arranged my main task of consultant with the training in sales and marketing, Trainer of Trainers in private companies and universities like Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, IQS, EUNCET, UB, Università Trieste, Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell, Terrassa, Manresa and several private companies. I have been professor of CRM in the LaSalle Master BES and professor in the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and investigation of markets in the EUNCET and FundemiIQS, Colegio de Agentes Comerciales and Barcelona Activa. I’ve take part as expert in the development process of the Quality Commercial Seal model with SGS. I’ve take part in several UE project focused on training local consultants and cluster development in Arab Country. I've developing the Corporate University of Frigicoll with Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.
imterim manager, Marketing Director, Influencer Manager & Export Area Manager Italy

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